Vancity Women’s Expo Showcase 2022

Taylor Hinton

Taylor Hinton

Health and Lifestyle Coach

Eat more, get toned and forget the meal plan too.

Taylor is an online fitness coach whose mission is to create a more capable, fitter, British Columbia. Along with his background is sports nutrition, Taylor’s 15+ years of experience has given him the unique ability to empower seasoned gym-goers and newbies alike.

“I hate meal plans just as much as the next person. Being a fitter, stronger you shouldn’t mean sacrificing drinks and appies on the weekend. 80% of people gain the weight back after reaching their goal. I plan on changing that.”

Most of Taylor’s clients are female and although weight loss is a motivator, most are focused on moving better and having more energy all day long. Success is measured using multiple different metrics that allows them to see progress in themselves each and every week.

When people call Taylor to join his team, the most common weakness most people have is being accountable to themselves. The online platform allows him to hold them to their goals and find solutions to would-be excuses.

“I’ve succeeded when you have seamlessly intertwined healthy lifestyle habits into your day-to-day making fitness second nature and not a resentful chore”.
Join Taylor for a 30-minute learning and Q&A.

Susan Horning

Susan Horning


Journey To Gut Health with Herbal Medicine

Some believe that gut health is the best indication of our overall health.  With a baffling number of gut health supplements on the market such as probiotics, digestive enzymes, reflux medications, antacids, as well as multiple and conflicting diet recommendations, a changing food system ripe with pesticides and genetic modification, not to mention the stress of everyday living, it’s not surprising that our guts are challenged!

Join Susan Horning, botanical expert and naturalist for a review of this important bodily system and the herbs and botanicals that can help to heal and repair your gut.
Sherri-Lee Woycik

Sherri-Lee Woycik

Facebook Ads and Marketing Expert

Sherri-Lee is the founder of the Facebook Profit Formula and loves teaching entrepreneurs all over the world how to use Facebook to grow and engage their communities, develop relationships and make more money so they can have the businesses and lives of their dreams.

She is a contributing author in the Amazon best-selling book, Rock your Business with Kristin Thompson and 9 other amazing entrepreneurs/authors.

She is a single mom of 2 young adults and created her business when her marriage ended leaving her alone with two small kids to support. Through grit and determination, she has grown a successful Facebook Marketing and Ads Agency that teaches and empowers women all over the world on how to grow their business so they can have the lives of their dreams.

Mariana Reis

Mariana Reis

Holistic Nutrition Coach

Mariana Reis is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, and in her practice, she focuses on fertility, prenatal, postpartum care, and breastfeeding support. Also a mother, she learned from her experience how diet can influence a women’s health and wellbeing throughout pregnancy. From better energy levels to healthy weight gain, balanced nutrition is important for both mother and baby. Now, two years after delivering her son Samuel, one thing she loves the most is to support other families through their pregnancy journeys, from before they conceive to when it is time to wean their babies.

Join Mariana to learn about how to prepare for pregnancy and learn how to choose the best foods to improve your health during pregnancy, prevent conditions such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, minimize unwanted pregnancy symptoms, and provide a nourishing environment for the baby to grow and develop.

Mariana is available for 1:1 sessions, meal planning and postpartum meal prep. Sessions can be booked directly from her website at

Get Toned by Robin

Get Toned by Robin

Health and Lifestyle Coach

Get Toned by Robin is BC’s number #1 Electric Muscle Stimulation provider. My journey started as a client while I was researching ways  to repair my damaged muscles from pregnancy as well as fat reduction as I constantly looked bloated and pregnant despite exercising and dieting. After receiving outstanding results and health benefits I decided to pursue this business myself and introduce this service to other women battling similar issues as me. 

So a little bit about our system. It’s a new and advanced micro EMS technology which offers guaranteed results on the first session and on. We are so confident in our multi-beneficial system that we guarantee 2-6 inch loss on the first session or it’s free! The system is a 8-1 technology resulting in maximum and optimal results.

Our system will:

•SLIM down your entire circumference!

•REPAIR damaged muscles from

pregnancy, injuries and/or surgeries!

•STRENGTHEN your back and core.

•TONE your skin and muscles.

•Kick start your LYMPHATIC-system!

•DETOXIFY your body by breaking down toxins!

•SCULPT your curves!

Our system is also 100% pain and side effect free. To see what clients have to say about our system please google “Get Toned by Robin” and visit our IG page 

Claire Nielsen

Claire Nielsen

Published Author, Health Coach & Creator of Elixir for Life Health Beverages

Claire has been a health coach for over 20 years in the areas of general health, mindfulness, nutrition and relationship,. In 2014 Claire became ill with the onset of menopause and suffered severe inflammation (osteoporosis, osteoarthritis & fibromyalgia).  She then spent a year researching natural anti-inflammatory solutions.  Believing that ‘Food should be our Pharmacy’ Claire created a delicious tonic with the top anti-inflammatory foods:  organic Turmeric and Ginger root.  Her tonic helped her get off the anti-inflammatory meds she was prescribed. She started sharing it with others and the demand grew incredibly. Now Elixir for Life products are represented in many trade shows and markets throughout BC.  Claire has an extensive following, and is often sought out by customers at trade shows. Find her booth for free samples.

Claire’s initial research on how to treat inflammation turned into a natural passion for knowledge and research in all areas of health. Claire has been writing articles on various health topics for the past two years and has a weekly health column with two major Canadian newspaper publishers – her articles sometimes being shared across Canada.  Claire loves to share her knowledge around health, diet and mindfulness with her customers and has helped many people change to a better way of eating, and living. Claire is happy to share her philosophies and practices around nutrition, our relationship with food, and eating an anti-inflammatory diet. Claire will also send by email any of her (almost 100) published articles.  Find Claire on the Vancity Women’s Expo stage Sat 3-4pm and Sunday 2-3pm as she shares her philosophies on Eating an Anti-Inflammatory Diet.  For more information about Claire and her products please visit her website

Rachael Chatoor

Rachael Chatoor


Singer-songwriter Rachael Chatoor will be lending her stunning voice to us for some live music at the expo on Saturday & Sunday from 11:30am-2pm.

Rachael is a native of Vancouver and has been part of the local music scene since the early 90′s. She has worked as a solo artist as well as in collaboration with other musicians as a part of corporate and festival bands such as Hitzone, the Indestructables and Barracuda.


Check out her music here!




Fatima Zaidi

Fatima Zaidi

Motivational Speaker | Leadership Strategist, Project Instigate

Live Your Best Life TODAY!
When we have big ideas and struggle to break your ideas down into digestible actionable steps, the dream starts to feel far-fetched and unattainable. Fatima Zaidi, Leadership Strategist, Biotope Leadership Expert, and two times TEDx Speaker, will talk about how you can make your dream more attainable and within reach. This talk will inspire you to get clarity on your identity, and reimagine your relationships as an ecosystem. One that requires delicate balance and maintenance to transform a toxic environment into a healthy one and allows us to thrive and live our best life TODAY, instead of ONE DAY.

Fatima is a leadership strategist and expert, motivational and two times TEDx Speaker, and the Founder of Project Instigate. Most comfortable and “in her element” on stage, as a storyteller Fatima discovered her passion for public speaking at age 7. From magic shows to inspirational talks, she discovered the power of influence through her stage presence. Having lived in three continents and four countries, Fatima experienced both barriers and opportunities in each culture and lifestyle and used public speaking as an avenue to shatter glass ceilings and to push the envelope on what is considered “possible” quickly gaining the reputation of being “unstoppable”.

Most recently, Fatima has developed a ground-breaking program called Biotope Leadership that she facilitates at schools, organizations and businesses teaching how to create a thriving environment for us and those around us and lead a purposeful and fulfilling life.

Watch Fatimas inspiring TEDx talk here!




Ariel Jarvis

Ariel Jarvis

Natural Health Practitioner

Ariel’s Passion to help people has led her to persist through the education required to discover the most effective ways to see life-changing results with natural health options. Her specialty is in cellular rehabilitation & gut health. She also has a passion for the deaf and is one of very few health care workers fluent in ASL and committed to making a difference in that community!

Kimberley Thompson

Kimberley Thompson

Certified L.E.A.N. Health Coach

Take Control of Your Food Supply: How Growing Your Own Chemical Free Produce Can Help Cut Food Costs. 

Given the changes in the past couple of years to how we behave and feel about work/life balance, health and wellness, and the quality (and quantity) of food found in grocery stores, more people than ever have taken up gardening in an effort to take control of their food supply.  Kimberley wants to share a little insight about how indoor gardening can help ensure that you have access to healthy, high-quality food without the grocery store price tag.


Contact Shannon to be a part of this year’s Vancity Women’s Expo + Pop-Up.
Shannon has spent over 20 years building her unique expertise in the Trade Show Industry. With vision and facility, she is dedicated to making every exhibit a success.

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